In addition to working with people on a wide variety of concerns and goals, I have advanced training and specialize in working with individuals and couples in the following areas: couple psychotherapy, trauma, eating and body image concerns, and reproductive and perinatal psychology. 

Couple Psychotherapy

I work with couples who are diverse in sexual orientation and relationship, including couples in partnerships that are new, pre-marital, committed but not married by choice, married, separated, reunited, and co-parenting, as well as monogamous, open, and polyamorous.  I also work with couples where one or both partners have experienced trauma.

My clinical experience includes in-depth training in psychoanalytic, attachment, emotion-focused, and mindfulness-based approaches to couple relationships designed to address a wide range of concerns.  More information about my approach to working with couples and the issues I help couples with can be found here.



I work with individuals who have experienced sexual, physical, emotional, and attachment trauma.  I specialize in working with those who have experienced complex and development trauma and the wide range of associated issues including: severe depression, bipolar mood disorders, personality disorders, self-harm, dissociation, attachment and relationship issues, eating disorders, and substance abuse.

I work from a psychodynamic and attachment-based approach to understand the psychological and relational roots of trauma.  I draw from advanced training in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) to resolve trauma and enduring emotional wounds and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy to engage the body and work toward resolution of the psycho-physiological aspects of trauma.  In addition, I present and provide trainings for clinicians on the intersection of complex trauma, attachment, and psychotherapy.

Eating Disorders and Body Image Concerns

I work with individuals of all genders, sizes, and backgrounds who struggle with any kind of eating concern, eating disorder, or who feel uncomfortable in and disconnected from their body.  I work from a relational, feminist approach and emphasize a non-diet, self-attuned approach to eating and your body.  My focus is both on healing active eating disorder symptoms and understanding your underlying emotions and experiences.

I have worked with adults and adolescents with eating problems in outpatient, residential, and university counseling settings.  I currently provide clinical supervision to graduate students in psychology working with individuals with eating disorders and I am committed to social activism which promotes size acceptance and diversity.

Reproductive and Perinatal Psychology


I specialize in psychotherapy for individuals and couples navigating perinatal issues, infertility, and emotional experiences related to starting a family.  I work with heterosexual-identified and LGBTQ-identified women, men, and couples in all stages of family planning including decision-making related to having children, pre-conception planning, the process of pursuing Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART), pregnancy, genetic terminations, pregnancy loss, pre- and post-partum mood disorders, decision-making around adoption, and adjustment to parenthood.  I received training in the Women's Mental Health and Wellness program at California Pacific Medical Center and am a current provider fro the CPMC Perinatal Provider's Program.

I welcome your call or email if you have questions or would like to schedule a consultation.